Why ARDIETY inc. a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization?

  • Fashion Models influence America's youth.
  • They represent an "ideal body type" and set body image trends like wanting to be a size 0 and needing a"thigh gap".
  • Starting as young as 14 - 16, many fashion models drop out of high school or do not start/finish collage.
  • Most models work for exposure rather than pay.
  • Many do not have access to appropriate health and dietary resources.
  • Struggles with dieting and eating disorders are openly discussed.

The primary goal of ARDIETY inc. is to bring Registered Dietitians and health experts to the fashion industry, and readily provide nutrition and wellness guidance to both male and female fashion models of all ages.

The secondary goal of ARDIETY inc. is to raise public awareness of the fashion models' commitment to self health, in turn promoting healthy lifestyles as a trend in place of size 0 or thigh gaps.


  • Promote health and wellness through diet and fitness education;
  • Support and develop fashion models' commitment to health and wellness;
  • Provide education and guidance to fashion models and the public in understanding dietary health; and
  • Prevent eating disorders by supporting the fashion industry in promoting healthy role models and body image for women and girls.